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Backdraft TD

With a passion for racing and years of development on the race track Backdraft Racing are proud to introduce our new Track Day (TD) car.The BDR TD has been developed as a affordable high performance track car. Development of the TD car has focused on performance and safety. The TD car features a fully integrated roll cage which can still accommodate a passenger. In search of improving the performance we have reduced the weight while improving the structural integrity of the car. The suspension has more adjustments to allow you to fine tune the car for the track. We have also incorporated our high performance aero aids as standard options on the TD car. The BDR TD provides you with the ultimate Track Day weapon with unrivalled performance.

TD Features

  • Body
  • Paint
  • Chassis
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Cockpit
  • Exhaust

td bodyTD BODY

The body is a high quality, one-piece GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) molding, hand laminated, with extra reinforcing at the wheel arches. We use chopped strand mat of internationally recognized standard, being 450 grams per square meter (15 ounces per square yard), with Isophtalic resin.The doors, hood and trunk lid are single skinned for a smooth light weight finish.The floor, transmission tunnel, fire wall, front inner wheel wells and trunk compartment are laminated into the main body mold in a jig to assist with the overall strength. The engine bay and front inner fenders are finished in black gel coat for a smooth appearance, durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

td paintwork


After the body has cured in the mold at an ambient temperature, it is removed and inspected before being fitted to the chassis. The car is then moved to our engineering facility to have the roll cage fitted before the car is painted. After the roll cage has been completed the body is then transferred to our state of the art paint facility, where it is filled down and prepared for a coat of white paint. Custom ordered cars will receive the customers color of choice at this time.

rt3b chasis

TD Chassis

The TD uses our race proven ladder-type chassis which is fabricated in a jig from SAE 1008 2' x 4' hot rolled rectangular steel tubing, which provides a sturdy chassis, both in beam strength and in torsional rigidity. The chassis is reinforced with laser cut steel gusset plates in several areas for added strength and to rigidize the chassis in high stress areas. The chassis has been designed to accept a race proven independent rear suspension with coil over struts in the front.The differential is solid mounted to the chassis in a cradle, eliminating any suspension movement and improving overall handling.

In the final manufacturing phase, the chassis is ground and sandblasted as preparation before it is epoxy powder coated for protection from the environment and added visual impact.The chassis is powder coated using a polyester VX powder applied at 40-60 microns. This ensures that your BDR TD is pleasing to look at even under the skin and adds to its durability and lifespan. It also eases under car maintenance and cleaning.

The car comes equipped with a custom fabricated gas tank. The gas tank is made from Roto-molded Polyethylene and has a capacity of 18 gallons (70 liters). As an option the car can be fitted with a custom fuel cell. that your BDR TD is pleasing to look at even under the skin and adds to its durability and lifespan. It also eases under car maintenance and cleaning.

rt3 front suspension

TD Front Suspension

The RTX features coil over struts in the front and a full multilink rear suspension. The suspension is further enhanced with the use of spherical and solid bushings. The suspension is fully adjustable both front and rear which allows the car to be adjusted to suit the driver.The front suspension features cast lower wishbones with a coil over strut. The strut has been custom fabricated to suit the needs of the BDR RTX. We also use a stabilizer bar which assist with the the overall fine tuning of the handling of the car. The RTX car comes equipped with adjustable camber plates in the front as well as a caster adjustment.

rt3 rear suspension

TD Rear Suspension

Setting the power to the ground is handled by a centrally guided multilink rear suspension.The suspension is fully height adjustable which makes it easier to fine tune for the track .The suspension has proven itself both on and off the race track. All the rubber joints are removed and replaced with solid ,sperical or rose joints to provide you with the ultimate handling roadster. In conjunction with the front coil over struts you are guaranteed an exhilarating driving experience.

rt3b brakes

TD Brakes

The car comes standard with upgraded power disc brakes and features disc brakes on all four corners. The standard brakes on the RTX come with steel braided brake lines, slotted rotors and high performance race pads. For additional cooling the cars come fitted with front brake ducts to prevent the brakes from fading. The front and rear calipers are feed from individual master cylinders. The RTX cars come equipped with a brake bias adjust as a standard option.


TD Cockpit

The cockpit of the car comes untrimmed with the bare essentials of a race car. The functions of the car are controlled with toggle switches on the dash while the driver will have clear vision of the gauges. A removable steering is an option, which will assist in getting in and out of the car. The TD car comes standard with a fiberglass Tourneau cover for the passenger side. This is made to be removed for maintenance and to allow a passenger in the car.

td exhaust copy

TD Exhaust

Precision crafted mild steel headers with aircraft quality 304 stainless steel side pipes come as standard equipment on the BDR TD. These are custom made for the car and can be ceramic coated as an option.

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