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Can you guess where this roadster is? #builtwithattitude #guessthelocation #coolcars #carphotos #carphotography

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I’m not sure where it is now but it would look great in my garage! πŸ’™

San Diego ship yard

South Africa

Next to SAS MENDI in South Africa. Leon Van Zyl, looks like the XOs ride has arrived!


San Diego?

Simon's Town, South Africa

Durban ?

San Diego

On planet Earth

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So clean you can your own reflection! #builtwithattitude #carswithoutlimit #cleancar #clean #car #weekend

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Very nice,my dream car

love those cobras

I would take it right away. Perfect match with the color

I love the cobra

Fabulous car. Great colour, wheels and side pipes. What colour paintwork is on it?

My favourite as a lad.

my favorite car......

I don’t want to can my own reflection because I don’t have a jar large enough!!!

Love that car !!!!!!

I love the car is it a mustang Cobra I really love cars pretty cars

Gorgeous car, I want one!

After enjoying this photograph for awhile I think I need a cigarette !!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

I dont do that

Beautiful work of art 😎

Boa noite e maravilhoso

My dream car I love it

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Always wanted one.

Reflections, I know the feeling well! πŸ‘

Great car love it 😍😍😍

Wow that’s awesome!!

Very Sweet ride!

What a beautiful Brute!

What a beauty!!

Please deliver to… LOL!

Absolutely gorgeous car

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Left? Right? Or both? #builtwithattitude #coolcars #leftorright #mustang #shelby #ford #BackdraftRacing

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Having choices is awesome!

Right, I’m not greedy πŸ˜‰

This one is too easy. Both with a hard lean to the right:)

Right all day every day. Wouldn't even drive the left one if I had the right one.

Right but in the same colour at left

Right. ALL DAY LONG. πŸ’™

When you are right, you are right

Right all the way..

Unreasonable discrimination is wrong. So BOTH! 😎

Shelby Cobra everyday of the year

Very cool 😎 BothπŸ€™πŸ€™

Same same but different. 🀣🀣

The right one! It’s mineπŸ˜‚ build #2502 thanks Backdraft❀️

Most definitely!




What price now ,new build 427 ?

Daily driver, left. Forever driver, right πŸ‘Š

Already have left… now want right!!





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The perfect car for the weekend! #builtwithattitude #carswithoutlimit #coolcars #weekend #cars #carphotograpy  @iamted7Image attachmentImage attachment

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needs a shorter shifter handle

Very inauthentic but fun kit car hot rod.

Only if I could fit in it!

Very cool 😎Killer Ride

Yup. Except you seem to be having a hard time keeping up with demand. I’m still waiting on a build date since August of last year

Awesome car 🀩

Beautifully done

Love the color! What is it?


Completely agreed 🀩



Dream ride!

Gorgeous! 😍

Angelo Halacas looks good

I want an evolution of this

John Ward

Jim Pinks

Heather N Hounds

I thought I would show my dads Superformance cobra.



sweet interior

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1 month ago
Backdraft Racing

How many race cars can you count? This is our South African Racing Division! #builtwithattitude #southafrica #racecar #racecarlife #racecarlineup #carlineup ... See MoreSee Less

How many race cars can you count? This is our South African Racing Division! #builtwithattitude #southafrica #racecar #racecarlife #racecarlineup #carlineup
1 month ago
Backdraft Racing

First production car with our new GT body design! This Marina Bay Blue is gorgeous in any light! #builtwithattitude #gtbody #sportscar #coolcars #carswithoutlimits ... See MoreSee Less

First production car with our new GT body design! This Marina Bay Blue is gorgeous in any light! #builtwithattitude #gtbody #sportscar #coolcars #carswithoutlimits

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Is it still for sale? Can you pm me a price? Thank you

Very bold color combo..i like it

How much? Still for sale? Send me more information

Beautiful. Would look great with yellow stripes too.

> or < $100k?

Wit that Godzilla motor too 😳 πŸ”₯ 🐍

This cobra is straight πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ that color combo is soooo nice!

Beautiful looking car

Combien faut-il compter pour un projet comme cela pour la France Merci de vos réponses

Gt body?

I'll pick it up this afternoon πŸ˜πŸ€™


Very nice πŸ‘

That’s the one I want!

Love it! ❀️

Post more pics please of different angles!


Is this my surprise ?

Love this color combination

What makes the new design different? Beautiful livery πŸ”₯

Saw it in person.. it is a beast..

Very cool 😎 Killer πŸ€™

engine pics?

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Nothing beats a classic! #builtwithattitude #classiccars #classiccarsdaily #carswithoutlimits

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For a 60 yr old it is truly a classic and is in fantastic shape It looks a heck of alot better than some of the wrecks on the roads today. I would luv to own one these cars in a heart beat

This kit was from Everet Morrison. Best I’ve seen and built, no longer n business tho. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I’m sooooo jealous.

My Cobra from 20 years ago. Super cool hot rod!

60 years old and still looks better than a Honda Civic!

My favorite car of all time

That’s the one I want. ❀️ Love the colors

Ready to rumble !

Guardsman Blue?? Looks like the one I owned, think it was build #251...

Absolutely gorgeous!!❀️❀️

My all time favorite automobile.

Best car ever

Very beauty AC COBRA

Gumball Rally

My favorite car

Spring little Cobra

Fabulous looking buggy, always been one on my favorite car list.

Beautiful car but those front bumper bars are a bit lethal ?

Beautiful looking car

Love the classics!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

My ultimate fantasy machine.

Love that Car !!!!!!

The early cars had the roll bar brace running down into the passenger seat side, not behind the roll bar. Makes it somewhat easy to date them.

Nothing ever will when it comes to a Cobras raw power.

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1 month ago
Backdraft Racing

Garage goals! What else would you put in there? #builtwithattitude #backdraftcobra #helicopter #garagegoals ... See MoreSee Less

Garage goals! What else would you put in there? #builtwithattitude #backdraftcobra #helicopter #garagegoals

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What would I do with a bicycle? Dude is clearly showing off stuff he doesnt need ... sheesh

I’d probably register My R44 with the FAA first. Then upgrade it to a R66 and add my 67GT500 and Raptor R

Mmmm that’s a damn good start. I’d add some mountain sleds and dirt bikes, but that’s one hell of a start!!!

Couple of black harley davidsons

My recliner and a kegerator so I could sit out there with my toys.

Couch tv and fridge

Off-road trophy truck, and a lift, to get the Cobra off the ground.

Snowmobile and a boat, but the boat doesn’t look like it would fit.

…, my bed.

Une harley

John Ward

A Dallara F2 is nice...

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1 month ago
Backdraft Racing

Chilly morning ride for this customer in Florida! It's our favorite driving weatChilly morning ridiChilly morningrChilly mornindChilly morningrChilly mornid#cars#cars ... See MoreSee Less

Chilly morning ride for this customer in Florida! Its our favorite driving weather! #builtwithattitude #chillymorning #morningdrive #weekendcruise #sundaydrive #cars

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The AC Cobra will always be my favorite car. Very light, with too much horsepower...perfect πŸ‘

A dream car , I’d gladly put on gloves and hat to let that engine breath the cool air … they like that .

What an absolutely beautiful machine ! One of the best .

Great set of wheels

Great looking ride. Wished it was mine.

Why is that kit car so big? It's huge compared to the original.

love that color!!!

That color πŸ”₯

Great ride , my favourite.

Clean - sweet! FAVORITE color combo!

Love the color combo!

What a beautiful car!

Looks great!😎

Beautiful car

Good looking car

What a awesome problem to have…!

What size wheels and tires.

If I had Willie money I'd buy one

It is probably 65F

Sweet ride

When i hit the lottery....

Sweet ride

Very well done

Wow! That's awesome!

Love it !!!!!

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Right or left? #builtwithattitude #southafrica #racecar #streetcar #righthanddrive #weekend #rightorleft

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Left. And something I’ll never be able to afford. Both are stunning.

Left for me. οΏΌ Hopefully in about 18 months I will begin my build. οΏΌ

I'd have to drive them, or at least the red one.

Left blue all day

Right is right!! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ

Something different for me, titanium with black stripes.

Indigo Blue for me (had BRG and Rosso Red)

Left/ blue

Blue for me…

Left please

Definitely left (blue)












The red one

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