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The holiday season is just around the corner and, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, an AC Cobra kit may be just the right thing.

It’s no secret that muscle cars have a strong following. If you have a friend or family member who wishes they could go back in time to get their hands on a Shelby Cobra, a Cobra replica could be right up their alley.

Not quite convinced just yet? Here’s why a Cobra kit car is a great choice for your car-loving family member or even yourself this holiday season:

It’s a better option than getting the real thing. Sure, you can imagine the glow in their eyes if you were ever to gift someone with their actual dream car. But a classic muscle car like a Shelby Cobra would cost you more than an arm and a leg.
Cobra kits are customizable. If you were ever to gift someone with a classic ride like a Shelby Cobra, there would be no chance of customizing it and making it their own without reducing its value. But when you invest in a Cobra kit, they can really make it their own.
Cobra car kits aren’t as heavy. The original Shelby Cobra roadsters weighed as much as 3,400 pounds. A replica Shelby Cobra weighs significantly less, giving you more control on the road.
You can meet new people. When you choose to gift a Cobra replica, you also give the gift of community. A lot of people love replica cars so your loved one (or you) will have the chance to meet with like-minded people.
You’ll be able to drive your dream car. Even if you or your loved one was able to find an actual Shelby Cobra, there’s no guarantee the vehicle would actually be safe to drive. But, when you invest in a replica, you’re giving yourself or your friend the ability to actually drive your/their dream car.
Where can I find a Cobra kit car for sale?

Caroll Shelby built up to 654 small-block Cobras from 1962 to 1968. Since then, these sports cars haven’t lost their popularity.

If you’re looking for the best kit cars for beginners or you’re interested in a Cobra kit car for sale for yourself this holiday season, Backdraft Racing has what you need. To learn more about our replica car kits, contact Backdraft Racing about our Shelby Cobra kit cars today.